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Tenente Pascucci (IT880) Italian Tank HQ - Tenente Pascucci (IT880)
Tenente capo compagnia Luigi Pascucci

Sottotenente (Second Lieutenant) Luigi Pascucci fought as a Tenente Capo Compagnia (Lieutenant in charge of a company) in the 132° reggimento fanteria carrista of the famed Ariete Armoured Division, during the Second Battle of El Alamein.
His company took part in the bitter fighting against the British 22 Armoured Brigade around Bir El Abd just west of El Alamein on November 4, 1942. The next day his company was assigned to hold the left flank of the Regiment against the British 8th Armoured Brigade during Ariete’s fighting withdrawal to Fuka. Despite being outnumbered and outgunned by the superior Allied armour, he succeeded in holding the flank long enough to allow the rest of the regiment to fall back in good order. Tenente Pascucci (IT880)
Tenente Pascucci (IT880) Knowing that he was cut off and the main body of the Italian force still needed time to regroup, Pascucci bravely ignored heavy enemy fire to lead the remaining eleven tanks of his company in a charge straight at the centre of the British armoured formation.

The unexpected ferocity of this attack buckled the British line, then broke it in disorder. Leading from the front he continued the pursuit of the fleeing British.
Pascucci was found after the battle lying in his burnt out tank. His supreme sacrifice a demonstration of his fighting spirit. In recognition of his heroic actions he was awarded the Medaglia D’Oro Al Valore Militare, the Gold Medal for Military Valor, Italy’s highest award. Tenente Pascucci (IT880)
Tenente Pascucci (IT880)

In Flames Of War


Tenente Pascucci is a Warrior and a Company Command team rated as Fearless Veteran.
Pascucci can join any Compagnia Carri for +35 points. He becomes the Company command team retaining the previous commander’s tank.

Special Rules

Iron Heart: Pascucci and any platoon led by Pascucci always pass Motivation tests on a roll of 3+.

Aim For The Tracks: Pascucci makes excellent use of his tank’s cannon, aiming for the weak spots of enemy tanks.

When an enemy tank makes an Armour Save at a range of up to 16”/40cm and the save result is exactly 7, Pascucci may treat his 47mm gun as having an Anti-tank rating of 8.

Never Surrender!: If Pascucci fails a Company Morale Check, he doesn’t count as having failed it this turn, but automatically fails the Company Morale Check next turn. However, every platoon in the Italian force must take an immediate Platoon Morale Check. If they pass the Platoon Morale Check, they fight on, otherwise they are immediately removed from the game counting as Destroyed.

Designed by Evan and Richard
Painted by Jeremy

Tenente Pascucci (IT880)
Tenente Pascucci (IT880) Tenente Pascucci (IT880)
Tenente Pascucci (IT880) Tenente Pascucci (IT880)

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