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Carro Comando M41 (IT110) Carro Comando M41 (IT110)
Carro Commando per reparto semovente da 75/18

The Carro Comando was created as a command vehicle for the Semovente 75/18. Like the Semovente 75/18 is based on the M13/40 or M14/41 medium tank series. The first version to see service retained the twin hull machine-guns of the tank, but later vehicles replaced this with a 13.2mm Breda modello 31 heavy machine-gun.
The fighting compartment under the turret ring was covered with four outward opening hatches. The commander had a goniometer (a direction finder incorporating a gyrocompass for establishing true north), ‘scissors’ telescope and a 1-meter rangefinder at his disposal. Maps and plotting equipment were carried in the fighting compartment as well as two radios Carro Comando M41 (IT110)
Carro Comando M41 (IT110) Four Carro Comandos were assigned to each Semovente battalion, with one commanding each battery and two in the battalion command.
Later Carro Comandos were also used to command Semovente 90/53 batteries.
Carro Comando M41 (IT110)
Carro Comando M41 (IT110) In Flames Of War

The Carro Comando leads your Semovente battery as its command vehicle, so don’t get it shot! They lead either the Semovente 75/18 or Semovente 90/53 platoons.

They are fully-tracked, have armour F4, S2, T1 and armed with a Hull 13.2mm MG. The 13.2mm MG has range 16”/40cm, ROF 3, AT 3, FP 6.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Wayne Turner

Carro Comando M41 (IT110)
Carro Comando M41 (IT110)  Carro Comando M41 (IT110)

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