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85mm obr 1939 gun

85mm obr 1939 gun (Late) (SU543)
M-1939 (KS-12) 85mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

Contains one 85mm obr 1939 gun and eight crew.

The 85mm obr 1939 anti-aircraft gun (KS-12) was developed by M. N. Loginov at Artillery Plant No. 8 at Kaliningrad (later relocated to Sverdlovsk) as a replacement for the 76mm anti-aircraft gun.

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85mm obr 1939 gun (x2, Late) (SU543)
It consisted of a 85mm gun with a large multi-baffle muzzle brake mounted on a four-wheeled trailer. Very early models of the gun were fitted with a large gun shield to protect the crew, but this was removed from the design on later production guns. When deployed for firing the trail would form into a cruciform shape supported by adjustable legs. Production began in 1939 at the No. 8 artillery factory. 85mm obr 1939 gun
85mm obr 1939 gun Production was halted for a time in 1941 as the German army advanced into the Soviet Union. During this time the entire factory was relocated to Sverdlovsk for the remainder of the war where production resumed.

Testing with the gun showed that it had excellent anti-armour performance and a modified version was developed for tank production.

The German Wehrmacht were also impressed with the gun and pressed captured examples into service as the 8.5cm FlaK39(r). When stocks of captured 85mm ammunition were exhausted the Germans re-chambered the guns to take 88mm German anti-aircraft gun ammunition as the 8.5/8.8cm FlaK39(r).

Production of the 85mm obr 1939 gun ended in 1944 when it underwent several major modifications, which allowed the gun to fire a more powerful charge while using the same shells as the obr 1939 version. 

85mm obr 1939 gun
85mm obr 1939 gun

These modified guns were designated the KS-18 anti-aircraft gun (85mm obr 1944 gun).

The 85mm obr 1939 (KS-12) served as a heavy anti-aircraft gun for the Soviet air defence forces throughout the war. They were also used against tanks on the battlefield when the need arose. In 1943 some Tank Destruction battalions were equipped with the 85mm obr 1939 gun to deal with the newer heavily armoured German tanks like the Tiger and Panther. A number of these battalions we still equipped with the 85mm obr 1939 guns during the Operation Bagration offensive against German Army Group Centre.

Left: James has modelled two guns, one of the two guns with 5 crew to show off the trailer parts that come with the pack. The other gun is modelled with the 8 crew for ROF3. All 8 crew are included in the pack.

85mm obr 1939 gun (x2, Late) (SU543)
85mm obr 1939 gun (KS-12)
    Travelling: 4,300 kg
    Deployed: 4,300 kg
Recoil System: Hydraulic recoil buffer and hydro-pneumatic recuperator.
Weapon Range
    Effective Vertical: 10,000 meters
    Maximum Vertical: 10,500 meters
    Maximum Horizontal: 15,650 meters
Rate of Fire: 15-20 rounds per minute 
Gun Crew: 7 men 
Shell Weight: 9.2 kg
Muzzle Velocity: 792 meters per second 
Total Traverse: 360 degrees
Elevation: -3 to +82 degrees
85mm obr 1939 gun
85mm obr 1939 gun In Flames Of War

The 85mm obr 1939 gun can be fielded as the weapons of the Corps Support Tank Destruction Company in Hammer and Sickle to represent the 85mm obr 1939 gun equipped Tank Destruction Battalions during Operation Bagration.

The 85mm obr 1939 gun is Immobile and has to be moved by its Stalinets tractor. It has a Range 32”/80cm, ROF 2, Anti-tank 12, Firepower 3+.
For +20 points per platoon you can upgrade the guns to have 8 crew each and a ROF of 3.

Designed by Karl Cederman
Crew by Evan Allen
Painted by James Brown
85mm obr 1939 gun
85mm obr 1939 gun 85mm obr 1939 gun
85mm obr 1939 gun 85mm obr 1939 gun
85mm obr 1939 gun

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