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More Units

TBR706 Milan Group (WWIII x20 Figures)
USD 13.00

TBBX10 Mechanised Company (WWIII x69 Figures) Mechanised Company (WWIII x69 Figures), with 69 figures
Price: USD 37.00   
TBR702 Mechanised Platoon (WWIII x30 Figures) Mechanised Platoon (WWIII x30 Figures)
Price: USD 18.00   
TBBX04 Spartan or Striker Troop (Plastic) Spartan or Striker Troop (WWIII x4 Tanks Plastic), with four vehicles
Price: USD 36.00   
TBBX05 Lynx Helarm Flight (Plastic) Lynx Helarm Flight (WWIII x2 Aircraft Plastic), with two helicopters
Price: USD 35.00