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Command cavalry team

Road to the Mid War GT
Mike’s Italian Cavalry

About four years ago I put together an Italian force based on the subjugation and occupation of the Balkans. I had just purchased Nicolo Pignato’s book, Italian Armored Vehicles and was inspired by the colour plate of an L6/40 from the 14th Alessandria Cavalry Regiment. I decided that I would build my force from there. At that time, however, resources were very scarce and I ended up with an entirely unhistorical force of M13-39 tanks, some L6/40s, a few AB40 armored cars and a platoon of Demolishers.

Recently, however, thanks to new sources on the Internet and books, I’ve been able to really research the regiment and actually get it right this time. 

So, for the Mid War GT I’ve decided to bring my 14th Alessandria Cavalry Regiment once again, this time as a historical force! I used the Italian Squadroni Cavalleria briefing found on our website.

Italian Squadroni Cavalleria...

The 14th Alessandria Cavalry Regiment was part of the 1st Eugenio di Savoia Division, a “celere”, or fast division. It was mobilized in 1940 as a cavalry division and served in the invasion of and, later, in the occupation of Yugoslavia.

While in Yugoslavia, the Alessandria Regiment is credited to have conducted the last Italian cavalry charge of World War Two. On 17 October 1942 the regiment was encircled by a group of Tito's partisans near Poloj in Croatia. Faced with a bleak future if they surrendered, the regiment decided to charge its way out of the pocket.

Command cavalry team
That night the cavalry launched repeated sabre charges against the partisans. Despite heavy casualties, the charge succeeded and broke through to safety.
Cavalry team

The division was disbanded in September 1943 after Italy’s armistice with the Allies but many of the units joined the pro-Axis Italian forces and remained in the Balkans.

1st Eugenio di Savoia Division
12th Saluzzo Cavalry Regiment
14th Alessandria Cavalry Regiment
1st Celere Artillery Regiment
11th Bersaglieri Regiment (motorised)
“San Giusto” Armored Battalion (L3/35 tankettes)
101st Celere Mixed Engineer Company 

So, with that cool history is under my belt, I cracked out my list:

Italian Squadroni Cavalleria 


Company HQ
50 points
Combat Platoons
Cavalleria Platoon
(3 Cavalleria Squads)

175 points
Cavalleria Platoon
(3 Cavalleria Squads)

175 points
Support Platoons
Light Tank Platoon
(6x L6/40 Tanks)

200 points
Light Tank Platoon
(6x L6/40 Tanks)

200 points
Self-propelled 47/32 Platoon
(4x Semovente 47/32)

195 points
Motociclisti Platoon
(4x Bersaglieri Squads)

225 points
Horse Artillery Battery
(2 Gun Sections)       

190 points
1410 points

As I typed out my list above, I realized, much to my dismay, that it is illegal, having one too many support platoons. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to squeeze in another Cavalry platoon despite the fact I was happy about only having to paint two platoons!

I started painting the force a few weeks ago. Its going to be a challenge to get it done in time, as I have plans to do all the cavalry and motorcycle teams dismounted as well.

Cavalry team
I’ve got a little head start with an L6/40 platoon already finished from my last army. Now I need to replicate them again into a second platoon.
Cavalry team
L6/40 light tank

I’ve got one platoon of cavalry painted and the other base coated. The artillery is in multiple stages of painting, but it will get there in the end.

I suspect that the motorcycle troops will be relatively quick to paint, but they will definitely need dismounted troops to go with them. Since this force is based on a continental force, they had the grey-olive uniforms and standard helmets, so I’ll have to convert Fucilieri figures into Bersaglieri for the infantry. 

I better get to it then! 


Cavalry Platoon
Light Tank Platoon
Light Tank Platoon

Last Updated On Thursday, April 9, 2009 by Wayne at Battlefront