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More Units

WW3-02U World War III: British Unit Card Pack
Contains 39 Unit Cards. Unit and Formation cards play a key role in World War Three: Team Yankee and can be used as a quick reference for stats and special rules as you play the game. These cards also include unit points and structures to aid with army-list construction.
USD 15.00

WW3-01 World War III Rulebook World War III: Team Yankee Rulebook, 2019 Edition
Price: USD 25.00   
WW3-02 World War III: British World War III: British
Price: USD 20.00   
TBRAB03 British Starter Force: Challenger Armoured Squadron British Starter Force: Challenger Armoured Squadron, Armoured Squadron
Price: USD 100.00   
TBBX11 Challenger Armoured Troop (Plastic) Challenger Armoured Troop (x5 Plastic)
Price: USD 45.00