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More Units

FRO100 French Artillery Group (Greatcoat)
Contains 2 command teams, 2 OP teams, 1 staff team and 4 sets of gun crews
USD 30.00

FRO501 25mm SA-34 Hotchkiss gun 25mm SA-34 Hotchkiss gun
Price: USD 7.00   
FRO502 47mm SA-37 gun 47mm SA-37 gun
Price: USD 8.00   
FRO505 75mm mle 1897 gun 75mm mle 1897 gun
Price: USD 8.00   
FRO506 105C mle 1935 B howitzer 105C mle 1935 B howitzer
Price: USD 8.00   
FRO507 155mm C mle 1917 S howitzer 155mm C mle 1917S howitzer, with 105mm L mle 1913 S gun option
Price: USD 8.00   
FRO110 French Artillery Group French Artillery Group
Price: USD 30.00