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BB544 Warped Stone - Green
Across the world men covet the power of these Warped Stones as they can be used to create items of great power! However where-ever these fragments of power drop it is not just greedy men looking for an easy road to power, there are also other creatures forever changed by their close encounters that will easily kill an unwary scavenger! Box contains 10x Crystals.
USD 25.00

BB541 Blood Crystals - Red Features: Blood Crystals - Red (x6)
Price: USD 25.00   
BB547 Energon Crystals - Purple Features: Energon Crystals - Purple (x6)
Price: USD 25.00   
BB545 Rock Outcrops Essentials: Rock Outcrops (x6), Full Painted Terrain
Price: USD 30.00