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GBX62 BP44 Armoured Train Locomotive
With captured Polish and Russian trains as templates the Germans went about creating a standard model of armoured train in 1941. This was known as the BP42, and with later additions, the BP44. Contains one Locomotive and Tender.
USD 30.00

GBX63 BP44 Armoured Train Artillery Car BP44 Artillery Car
Price: USD 27.00   
GBX64 BP44 Armoured Train Infantry Car BP44 Infantry Car
Price: USD 27.00   
GBX65 BP44 Armoured Train Anti-aircraft Car BP44 Anti-aircraft Car
Price: USD 27.00   
GBX60 Tank Hunter Cars Tank Hunter Car
Price: USD 30.00   
GE022 Panzer 38(t) B or C Panzer 38(t) B or C
Price: USD 13.00