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More Units

BB137 Rural Farm Buildings
Includes two Pre-painted farm buildings.
USD 30.00

BB130 Obstacles Minefields and Anti-tank Obstacle, Contains 3 Minefields and 1 Obstacle
Price: USD 40.00   
BB131 Trench Lines Trench Lines, Contains four 8"/20cm trench sections and end pieces
Price: USD 21.00   
BB132 Barbed Wire Barbed Wire Obstacles, Contains 4 Barbed Wire Obstacles
Price: USD 40.00   
BB138 Rural Fields & Fences Rural Fields & Fences
Price: USD 26.00   
BB106 Entrenchments - Dug in Markers Entrenchments - Dug in Markers, Sculpted Dug in Markers
Price: USD 18.00   
BB117 Rural Roads Rural Roads
Price: USD 45.00