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More Units

FI520 75 PstK/40 guns
Includes two 75 PskK/40 guns with crew, one Korpraali Toivo Ilomäki figure, one Command SMG team, one Small base & two Large bases.
USD 22.00

FI702 Infantry Platoon (x46 Figures) Infantry Platoon (x46 Figures)
Price: USD 27.00   
FI703 Jääkari Platoon Jääkari Platoon, with 4 SMG squads & Kapteeni Lauri Törni
Price: USD 24.00   
FI704 MG Platoon MG Platoon, Finn, with 2 Machine-gun Sections
Price: USD 13.00   
FI705 Mortar Platoon Mortar Platoon, Finn, with 3 Mortar Sections
Price: USD 13.00   
FI706 Pioneer Platoon Pioneer Platoon, Finn, with 4 Pioneer Sections
Price: USD 24.00