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GE214 S307(f) (7.5cm) Tank-hunter
The S307(f) anti-tank half track was created by combined a captured French half-track with the deadly Pak 40 7.5cm anti-tank gun.
USD 13.00

FW268 D-Day: 21st Panzer D-Day: 21st Panzer, D-Day: German
Price: USD 20.00   
GE127 Hotchkiss (7.5cm) Hotchkiss (7.5cm), with 10.5cm gun option
Price: USD 13.00   
GE149 Lorraine Schlepper Lorraine Schlepper, Comes with 10.5cm and 15cm options
Price: USD 13.00   
GE212 Reihenwerfer (8cm) Reihenwerfer (8cm), 21st Panzer, Normandy
Price: USD 13.00   
GE245 U304(f) half-track U304(f) half-track, 21st Panzer, Normandy
Price: USD 13.00