North Africa Paint Set

North Africa Paint Set (QPS03) 

This paint set when combined with the Quartermasters Set contains all the colours needed to paint your German, Italian and British forces in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. The Vallejo colours have been carefully selected to match the historical equivalents as closely as possible.

All our new paint set are now branded with the Flames Of War logo, but still contain the same excellent Vallejo paint.  

North Africa Paint Set QPS03

Colours included are :

Black Grey (862)
Early Afrikakorps vehicles & painted metal

Buff (976)
Dust, highlight colour

Dark Sand (847)
8th Army vehicles & painted metal

Desert Yellow (977)
Italian uniforms

Green Brown (879)
Afrikakorps vehicles ‘42

Green Ochre (914)
Italian vehicles, Bersaglieri helmets

Italian Fucilieri Command Rifle team
German Diana

Iraqi Sand (819)
Afrikakorps vehicles ‘43, dust & British uniforms

Khaki (988)
British uniform base colour

Olive Grey (888)
Italian Puttees, Italian uniform & tanks in Scily & Italy

Stone Grey (884)
British webbing, Afrikakorps webbing

Tan Yellow (912)
Afrikakorps vehicles ‘42 late

Yellow Green (881)
Afrikakorps uniform, Italian webbing

Vallejo Paint pots contain 17 ml of acrylic paint.
Vallejo is trademark of Acrylicos Vallejo S.L. Spain.

North Africa Paint Set QPS03

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