Utility Set

Utility Set QPS02

Utility Set (QPS02)
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This Utility set has been designed to compliment the Flames Of War Quartermasters Set and Army Specific paint sets. This set provides a set of liquids to aid you in finishing and preserving your miniatures. See The Art Of War for more information on how to use these liquids to finish your miniatures.

Utility Set Modelling Guide... 

All our new paint set are now branded with the Flames Of War logo, but still contain the same excellent Vallejo paint. 

This set contains:

Brown Shade (200) and Black Shade (201):
Black and Brown Shades are coloured washes specifically formulated to settle into recesses, accentuating detail and greatly speeding painting time. Whether used to add depth to the basecoat or as a final detailing step, the Shades will also enhance the durability of any paint job. Try diluting the washes and mixing them together to vary the effects they produce. 

Decal Softener (202):
Decal Softener helps decals adhere and conform to the shape of the model, giving them a pleasing ‘painted on’ look. Apply before and after decal is positioned.

Gloss Varnish (510):
A shiny coat perfect for emulating glassy surfaces such as windscreens and headlights. When used as a basecoat for decals, it can help prevent silvering of the decal.

Matt Varnish (520):
Matt Varnish provides a protective seal which removes gloss and gives your miniatures an even, flat finish. This also makes the colours on your miniature more vibrant.

Liquid Mask (523):
Liquid Mask is a removable stencil which can be used to selectively preserve painted areas. Perfect for creating hard-edged camouflage patterns.

Vallejo Paint pots contain 17 ml. Vallejo is trademark of Acrylicos Vallejo S.L. Spain.

GE127 with masked camouflage

GE127 with masked camouflage

Utility Set QPS02

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