Waikato Wars 2020

Waikato Wars 2020 

Waikato Wars 2020
with Rob Shirley

WaikatoWars is in its 20th consecutive year of hosting an Early War Flames of War competition.  Over the years it has morphed through name changes from Rallypoint to BFNZEWGT and now to WaikatoWars.

This year it was once again held in the Pirongia School Hall, with it’s marvelous cooling system, as in New Zealand 14-15 February is high summer.

The numbers dropped this year with late withdrawals and family events/issues when coupled with the mix of one-day and two-day registrations making the draw a bit chaotic.

We played on 8-foot x 4-foot table sizes and increased the V3 List points from the usual 1500 up to 1800.  The V4 rough equivalents were 100 and 120 points and two-hour forty-five-minute round lengths.

We used all of the “new” March 2019 missions where the dimensions of deployment zones, reserve entrance edges and objective placement zones were modified because of the table-size.  In round order we played “Breakout”, “Cornered”, “Dogfight” on the Saturday and on the Sunday “Killing Ground” and “Outflanked”. In a number of cases players had not played some of these missions previously.

Waikato Wars 2020

There was a set hierarchy of Tank forces always attacking all other forces.  With any of the V3 “Fortified Companies” being the defender against all other forces.  There was a German “Stutzpunkt” from “Hellfire and Back!” entered but the player was unable to attend in the end.

The distribution of results in terms of scores were 8-1 twelve, 7-2 four and 6-3 just twice.

One person had all five of his results as 8-1, with a two win and three loss distribution.

Waikato Wars 2020

Waikato Wars 2020

Armies played or intended to be played were:

  • Finnish Fearless Veteran Jaakarikomppania from “Rising Sun”
  • German Fearless Veteran Fallschirmjagerkompanie from “Burning Empires”
  • German Confident Veteran Gebirgsjagerkompanie from “Burning Empires”
  • Italian (Variable Motivation/Skill) Compagnia Bersaglieri from “Hellfire and Back!”
  • German Confident Veteran MG-Kompanie from “Hellfire and Back!”
  • German Confident Veteran Stutzpunkt from “Hellfire and Back!”
  • British Confident Veteran Rifle Company (8th Army) from “Hellfire and Back!”
  • Czech Confident Veteran Panzerkompanie from “Blitzkreig”
  • Polish Fearless Veteran Pulk Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej from “Blitzkreig” with a Captured Train
  • German Confident Veteran Panzerschutzenkompanie from “Barbarossa”
  • Soviet Confident Conscript Strelkovy (Red Army) from “Barbarossa” with a Captured Train
  • Soviet Confident Conscript Tyazhelyy Tankovy from “Barbarossa” T-35(Land Battleships)
  •  2 x Soviet Confident Conscript Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Batalion (Red Army) from “Barbarossa”
  • Netherlands Confident Trained Infanteriecompanie from (PDF)

It meant that the only BF publication that was missing g was the Norwegian PDF. This was a really pleasing range of forces.

To the all important Best General award.  This year, in response to a person’s behaviour (banned for a year) I am now running events on the NZ Masters method of combining Battlepoints and Sportspoints and ranking on that total.  The sports points are a maximum of three. The maximum score now being 11-2. The addition of the sports scores did not affect the order of placing at WaikatoWars 2020.

1st, Nigel Wootton 51 points German Panzershutzen (5 games)

2nd, Mark Anderson 47 points German Gebirgsjagerkompanie (5 games)

3rd, Michael Haycock 41 points Polish Pulk Kawalerii Zmotoryzowanej (5 games)

4th Ashley Reid 35 points German Fallschirmjagerkompanie (5 games)

5th Michael Hamilton 29 points Soviet Tyazhelyy Tankovy (5 games)

6th Brent Young 20 points British Rifle Company (8th Army) (3 games)

7th Greg Hagg 19 points Soviet Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Batalion (Red Army) (3 games) (on Strength of Schedule)

8th Rob Shirley 19 points Soviet Inomarochnikiy Tankovy Batalion (Red Army) (3 games) (on Strength of Schedule)

9th Marlin Fisher 8 points Finnish Fearless Veteran Jaakarikomppania (2 games)

Waikato Wars 2020
Waikato Wars 2020 Waikato Wars 2020

Under the eligibility criteria for NZ Masters which is being held in Auckland on 21-22 November all these players will be receiving an invitation to play. It will be Late War 100 points.

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