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The Longest Day Tournament

If you're looking for an event near you, or you're hosting an event yourself, be sure to check out the Battlefront Events page. You can enter your own event so anyone searching for a weekend tournament or a gaming convention can find your games, or you can peruse the calendar and plan your next weekend of gaming!

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North American Masters Side Tournament

North American Masters Side Tournament
November 23
Minneapolis, USA
The Screaming Eagles are proud to host this years Flames of War Masters tournament in Minneapolis, MN! Alongside the Masters tournament this year we will also be running a one day 119 point Late War tournament open to all who would like to join us. The Screaming Eagles are a fun loving, laid back group of tournament players who always welcome players from outside of our local area. This will also be a great opportunity to meet some of the top players in the US and Canada. 

The tournament will be 119 points Late War with no more than 3 formations allowed in a Force. Any official BF list that has been released ‪before 26 October‬ will be allowed.

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Flames Of War 1st Belgian GT 2019
November 23
Antwerp, Belgium
Battlefront will be attending the first Belgian Flames Of War Grand Tournament. The event will be two days with five games played. Armies will be Late War with up to 100 points chosen. Come along and meet the Battlefront team and join in on the Flames Of War action and (hopefully) win some prizes.

Be sure to check the link below for full details on how to come along.

North American Masters Side Tournament
Flames Of War 1st Belgian GT 2019 on the Battlefront Events Website...

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