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Nova Open

NOVA Foundation Raffle
The NOVA Open Foundation is a fantastic organisation that helps tabletop wargamers contribute to charity by raffling off professionally painted fighting forces.

They currently have two, count ‘em, two Battlefront armies beautifully painted by long-time NOVA artist Steve McCuen to be raffled off.

For Flames of War, NOVA has a fearsome 100 point mid-war Italian desert force up for grabs

Nova Open

Tank Company

  • HQ 1 M14/41 Tank
  • Tank Platoon 5 M14/41 Tanks
  • Tank Platoon 5 M14/41 Tanks
  • Tank Platoon 4 M14/41 Tanks


  • Semovente Battery - 4 Semovente SPG
  • Bersaglieri Rifle Platoon - 8 Rifle/MG Teams
  • AB41 Armoured Car Platoon - 3 AB41s
  • L6/40 Light Tank Platoon - 4 L6/40s
  • 90mm Lancia AT Battery - 2 Guns
  • German PzIII Platoon - 3 Long 5cm

NOVA also has a beefy 85 point American Armored Cavalry Company for the battlefields of Team Yankee.

Also painted by Steve McCuen in striking MERDC camouflage, this list packs a big punch and is a great place to get started with Team Yankee or a great option for expanding your existing force.

Nova Open

US Armored Cavalry Troop

  • HQ1 M113 Scout
  • M1 Abrams Platoon- 3 IPM1 Abrams
  • M1 Abrams Platoon- 3 IPM1 Abrams
  • Scout Section1 M113 Scout- 1 M901 ITV
  • Scout Section1 M113 Scout- 1 M901 ITV
  • M106 Cavalry Mortar Platoon- 3 M106
  • 82nd Huey Rifle Platoon- 5 SAW, 2 M47, 2m60, 2 UH-1 
  • M163 VADS AA Platoon- 4 M164 VADS
  • M48 Chaparral Platoon- 4 M48 Chaparral 

Proceeds from the raffle go to funding the excellent work done by Doctors Without Borders, only one of the many charities NOVA supports, and there are plenty of other armies and models being raffled off as well with proceeds going towards other great charities like the Fisher House Foundation and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

All raffles close 25 November   

You can check out the armies on offer and enter the raffles below

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