Shifting Sands 2019

Shifting Sands 2019

Shifting Sands 2019
On January 18th and 19th, 2019, AZDRFOW and AMGAS will be presenting this year's Shifting Sands 2019. The theme is Operation Market Garden.

It is September 1944 and Montgomery has hatched a plan to end the war by Christmas...

Operation Market Garden was an ambitious plan to seize a series of bridges across Holland in a race to cross the Rhine and secure a foothold in Germany itself.

British and American Airborne divisions were tasked with seizing the bridges and holding them for British XXX Corp’s advance. For the most part, the operation goes according to plan however German resistance is stiffer than expected and what were assumed to be demoralized, green troops turned out to still have a lot of fight left in them. 

Shifting Sands: Market Garden will let you help decide the outcome! Will the Allies achieve ultimate victory and secure a bridgehead into Germany? Or will the Germans crush the overly ambitious British and Americans before they accomplish their goals?

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Registration payment is not due until the morning of the event. When you register you will need to select what side and type of list you will be bringing (Armored, Infantry, Airborne, etc). Registration cost will be $30.00 and cover both days. Lunch will be provided.

Shifting Sands 2019 Shifting Sands 2019

Your Army
Shifting Sands: Market Garden will require a list from either the Market Garden (Allied) or Bridge by Bridge (German) Books. The point level will be 1500 points. This will be a Version 4 event! Lists will need to be emailed to [email protected] by Jan 6th, 2019.

Day One will feature Three Rounds of Market Garden with Firestorm campaign. If you’ve been to one of our events in the past you know what to expect. If you haven’t visited Shifting Sands before then you are in for a treat!

Day Two of the event will offer a variety of options for gamers. We will have a two-round final with the top 4 players from Day 1, 2 Allied and 2 Axis.

We will also offer an all-day Total War game. Bring your Market Garden list to the big tables and decide the fate of Arnhem. 8 Player Cap (4 Allied and 4 Axis)

Shifting Sands 2019

Shifting Sands 2019

Those who want to continue playing Flames Of War with their Market Garden Armies are more than welcome to and we will provide opponent matching for the full 5 game experience!

We will also have several other games. Available if you want to try something new. GF9’s TANKS, Team Yankee, Fate Of A Nation and more

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