Attack X 2018 Flames of War Tournament

Attack X 2018 Flames of War Tournament

Attack X 2018 Flames of War Tournament
with Scott Miller
This September after an absence of a year, Flames of War returned to the Attack X convention in Kamloops BC. Attack X is a multiple game tournament weekend now into its 6th year and just getting bigger and bigger. It is held at the Thompson Rivers University student center which is a spacious and wonderful venue to have. They have food and drink onsite and opened their pub late just for us. Nothing like a cold beverage after a hard day of throwing dice. 

Doing a Flames of War tournament was a last minute addition as they were unable to find someone earlier in the year to run it. I was able to take some time off work and decided I would be the TO. I contacted the Attack X staff Nathan Bosa and proposed to them that I run it. The next step was to contact Battlefront to ask about prize support. I was pleasantly surprised when Phil Yates contacted me directly from New Zealand by phone. As I explained to Phil and David Griffin that “We have a number of returning players to the fold. They are mostly experienced V3 and earlier gamers. “ and that I wanted to reinvigorate the player base in British Columbia and Alberta. 

Planning tournaments in this part of Canada is limited by driving conditions. We are at higher elevations and snowy roads can be a nightmare for even the most seasoned driver. Players came from as far away as Vancouver and Calgary, 5 and 6 hour drives respectively. 
Attack X 2018 Flames of War Tournament Attack X 2018 Flames of War Tournament

Once the elements were in place it was time to advertise.  We have a dedicated Facebook page called FOW Western Canada that I started with. I also used other FB pages and placed notices with Battlefront and Battlerankings.  I even invited up some US players that I had met at the Las Vegas Open, Kublacon and Gateway tournaments I attended this year. 

The tournament was Mid War, 71 points with 5 rounds over two days. We had access to the new Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross books. This was a boost to the interest of players.  I had 13 signups paid and ready to go. Unfortunately two of the players are members of the Canadian Military and were called up to fight fires here in BC so were not able to attend. Thank you for your service guys.  With an odd number of players I had to jump in as a ringer. 

Attack X 2018 Flames of War Tournament

Attack X 2018 Flames of War Tournament

The players voted to use the More Missions package and to constrain the stances to once per day. This forced players to plan for attack, maneuver and defend scenarios.

The games were spirited and friendly. Everybody had excellent sportsmanship scores and I was forced to only use it for “Favorite Opponent”.  There were some well painted armies.

Here were the results:

Bradford Stretton 

38/40 pts Italians
Best General

Mackenze Alice Wesolowsky  33/40 pts Soviets
Scott McKeen  25/40 pts Germans
Chris Good

24/40 pts Germans
Best Painted, Favourite Opponent, Overall Best Player 

Igor P.  21/40 pts Soviets
Bojan Zimoja  21/40 pts Italian
Richard Dane 
19/40 pts Soviets
Alex Martin  15/40 pts British
Roman S. 12/40 pts Italians
Bryan Corbin  12/40 pts British
Shane Knight 

8/40 pts British
Won the "Must have been the dice" award

The Ringer 

23/40 pts German
(to even out the players)

Attack X 2018 Flames of War Tournament

It was a great success and I feel I achieved my goal of getting the Alberta and BC players back together again. The tournament winner Bradford wrote an elegant letter that put into words how he felt about the community. If you visit the Flames Of War Western Canada Facebook site you can find it there.

Thank you to Nathan Bosa at Attack X, Phil Yates and David Griffin at Battlefront. Your support was an important part of the tournaments success. Next year will be even bigger.

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