Panzerschreck XVII 2017

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Proudly presented by the Manawatu Duellists’ Society.

The Manawatu Duellists Society are once again proud to host the world's longest running Flames Of War tournament, Panzerschreck XVII. Being held this year at Riverdale School Hall, Slacks Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

Umpires: Evan Allen and Tom Robertson
Tournament Overview

When: 15 - 16 July 2016.
Where: Riverdale School Hall, Slacks Road, Palmerston North, New Zealand.
Entry Fee: NZ$25 per player (NZ$50 for a team).
Rules: Flames Of War 4th Edition.
Period: Early-war.
Format: Doubles tournament.
Points: 900 points per player (1800 points for each team).
Rounds: Five rounds, each lasting 2½ hours.
Gaming table from Panzerschreck VIII
General Information

Painted/Proper Models
Yes, we all like to see painted models. But more than that we like to see people playing the game. If you want to play but your army isn’t painted, you are still welcome. Be prepared for lots of snow camouflage jokes, though! Of course we would prefer WYSIWYG and paint, but we won’t stop you from joining in the fun.

Professional Etiquette
It is asked that you mind your own business when it comes to other games. Do not touch models, and do not take it upon yourself to give advice to another player (unless it’s your team partner or opponents).

Tools of the Trade
Remember to bring plenty of your dice and measuring devices!
Soviet tanks ready for action
British Armour joins the fight Priorities, Priorities
If you’re in a tournament, it may be tricky to involve yourself in other events. If you do, however, please be aware of your own tournament’s progression - we won’t wait for you if you forget!

General Housekeeping
The school grounds are no-smoking, but there are ample areas outside the school grounds for smokers to congregate and plot. Dispose of all rubbish and tidy up after yourself. No alcohol on the school grounds. The having of fun is compulsory for all players.

Other Shiny Features
• Food and soft drinks available at the venue.
• Free Tea and Coffee.
Competiton Rules

Rules: Flames Of War
This will be a 1800 point Early-war Doubles Tournament with five rounds each lasting 2½ hours.

All officially published lists (Army books and PDFs up to June 2017) are legal. Each player gets 900 points to build a legal company (each army must have the HQ and two core platoon from it’s chosen list).
The Free French
Panzerschreck 2016 1. Up to 100 points can be shared with your teammate.

2. Historical Allies only.

3. A team may not have the same Warrior character duplicated, if one uses a warrior the other half of the team may not have the same Warrior.

4. Only one team member can take Air Support.
5. The first round will start at 9:00am sharp on Saturday. Please arrive no later then 8:30am for sign-in and table assignments. Each round will be 2½ hours.

6. Forces must be deployed as quickly as possible at the start of each game.
Panzerschreck 2016
Prepare to fire!

7. The V4 rules Battle Plan system will be used each round to decide the missions. 

8. Under V4 rules both companies must break to ensure a win.

9. Useful downloads:

Game scores etc. count for the team, not the individual. The winning team gets the medals and prizes. The only individual prize will be for the Best Painted Army. The Tournament organsier/judges word is final.

Format: Five 2½ hour scenario rounds (first round will be a max of three hours to facilitate setting up terrain, terrain then remains set for the remainder of the competition) with three rounds on Saturday, and two on Sunday.

Best Painted/Presented Army: Will be judged by the Manawatu Duellists Club.

Expectation of Players
You are all expected to bring your own dice, rules, rulers, and armies. For anyone wanting to play and unable to comply with these requirements drop the umpire a line and we will see what we can do. First in first served and no promises.

Umpire Note: Should there be an odd number of competitors in a round; a substitute opponent team will be arranged purely for the opportunity of playing a game. This game will be scored as an automatic 8:1 win for the Team.

Table tops provided by Placemakers
Prizes supplied by Battlefront
Panzerschreck 2016


Download a PDF containing information regarding Panzerschreck XVII and a registration form here...

Please send all correspondence to:

Panzerschreck XVII Registrar
Manawatu Duellists’ Society
P.O. Box 1680
Palmerston North.

Cheques should be made out to Manawatu Duellists’ Society.

Questions and Army Lists (No army history are required for this tournament) can be sent to Derek Forrester at:

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