Mid War Nationals at Historicon

Mid War Nationals at Historicon Mid War Nationals at Historicon 2017
held 15 July 2017 at Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center 2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401, USA.

In celebration of the release of 4th Edition, we invite you to come to the Nationals and partake in the carnage. We would really appreciate your support and participation. We will not only be giving a limited edition objective to all participants but also will be giving out a massive amount of prize support. Battlefront’s Peter Simunovich will be attending this Historicon. He will be judging the painting competition and will be doing a Q&A session for any who would like to ask those burning questions.

In order to help the games go faster due to the abbreviated schedule this year, the points for Nationals have been lowered to 75 from the announced 100. The two-hour time limit means you will need to be ready to move, T.O. and A.T.O. will have access to stopwatches if it comes to it.

Despite having only having two sides at this time we are going to have a great time. The first three rounds will give the feeling of El Alamein and be run strictly red on blue, the fourth round will be run in a Straight Swiss There can be only one highlander-style annihilation mission. Results of prior rounds may influence the T.O. to choose certain missions in a strategic story run, although this will have no influence on who is attacker/defender on the tactical (tabletop) level.

Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center
2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22401
Tel: 540.548.5555

15 July 2017

Tournament Format
V4 Mid War, 75 Points, Red on Blue/Straight Swiss Format, 4 Round (1 Day).

Player Limit
64 total (32 German / 32 British) first come first served.

Convention Registration

Tournament Sign-Up & List submission

Lodging Information

List Submission Deadline
1 July 2017

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