Desert Rats Paint Set (CWP131)

Colours Of War Desert Rats Paint Set (CWP131)
includes one 20ml bottle of Crusader Sand, one 12ml of DAK Sand, one 12ml of Firefly Green, one 12ml bottle of Shell Brass and one 12ml bottle of Rommel Shade.

Painting your Flames Of War miniatures for 4th Edition couldn’t be easier with new Colours of War Desert Rats Paint Set. Used in conjunction with the Quartermaster Paint Set, it has everything you need to get your Mid-war desert vehicles ready for the tabletop.

This product is no longer available
Desert Rats Paint Set (CWP131) Desert Rats Paint Set (CWP131)
Desert Rats Paint Set (CWP131)

The Desert Rats Paint Set when combined with the Colours Of War Quartermaster's Paint Set and the Desert Rats Spray Can contain all the colours needed to paint your Mid War British Desert force for Flames Of War.

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