Regina Rifles Mid War Demo

Regina Rifles' Mid-War Demo

Regina Rifles' Mid-War Demo
at Tramp's Comics and Games 

With Lance Mathew 

Mid War – my favorite era for WWII Flames Of War!

Mid War March' has a certain ring to it. And with a demo on the first Wednesday night and then a full-scale tournament that weekend, how could I go wrong?

Regina Rifles' Mid-War Demo
Prior to me leaving for the demo I announced I was on my way. A new name and face appeared in our Facebook page – Stephen, who commented that he would like to come and watch the demo, as he had just purchased the Open Fire! starter set. I said it was a demo, and that instead of watching, he should play!
Regina Rifles' Mid-War Demo
So, after setting up - Stephen arrived and we set to playing. I had set the table up with the new petrol terrain tanks. They are very attractive terrain pieces - so much so that when one of our players saw me post pictures of the event he wanted some. Tramp’s Comics and Games put them aside and he picked them up at the tournament = win win!
Regina Rifles' Mid-War Demo Regina Rifles' Mid-War Demo

Meanwhile, Stephen tried out the panzer IIIs and IVs while I faced him with T34-76s & T34-57s. It was a blood bath – brewed up tanks everywhere. Stephen was hooked!

I also had a great time!

As with most new players, I invited him to the next tournament. He asked how he would do. I told him honestly that the first two games would be rough and by the third game he would be starting to come into his own. And, like for most new players, I lent him an army. And, yes he did lose his first two games, but he did win his third!
FOW Regina Rifles

Meanwhile, the next tournament is a huge event:

Flames Of War Regina Rifles Regionals Weekend
23-24 April

Admission is $50.00 for swag, T-shirt, Saturday lunch, & Sunday breakfast – with three games Saturday and two games Sunday! Any questions – please email:

FOW Regina Rifles Facebook Group

Flames Of War Regina Rifles Facebook Group

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