German Grand Tournament 2016

German Grand Tournament 2016

German Grand Tournament 2016 
2-3 April 2016

Der Club – Zentrum für Freizeit und Kultur
Hülsbecker Str. 16
42579 Heiligenhaus

5 Games - 1780 points Late war

35 including lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Tournament Schedule
Saturday 2 April 2016  
Registration  0900 - 0930 
Welcome and briefing 0930 - 1000 
Game 1 1000 - 1230
Lunch 1230 - 1330
Game 2 1330 - 1600
Break / Army Parade (Best Painted) 1600 - 1630
Game 3 1630 - 1900
Sunday 3 April 2016  
Game 4 0930 - 1200
Lunch 1200 -  1300
Game 5 1300 - 1530

Lists can be taken from:

  • Red Bear / Grey Wolf
  • Atlantik Wall / Overlord
  • Road to Rome / Fortress Italy
  • Desperate Measures
  • Berlin
  • Nachtjäger
  • Blood, Guts & Glory / Nuts / Devils Charge
  • Market Garden / Bridge by Bridge
  • Bridge at Remagen
  • Any Late War Intelligance Briefing that is V3 approved
  • Digital-exclusive lists are permitted as long as you bring a paper copy of that list with you.

There will be umpires in the tournament playing the game and also ruling as judges on any conflicts. Their word is final on any issue.  If there is a conflict during any match, try to resolve it between yourselves first. Each player is allowed one opportunity each round to request help from a judge to resolve any conflict. However, after this is resolved you will need to resolve any dispute with your opponent.

Sportsmanship is the most essential factor to make any tournament fun.  If a player becomes disruptive, manipulates rules and tries to win at any cost, it can reduce other players'  enjoyment  of the tournament. If a player is misbehaving, a judge can issue warnings. If these are not heeded, at the warning the player will lose three Victory Points from the match they  are playing.  If they continue to cause problems they can be removed from the tournament. Removal is a last resort, but it will be used if players are causing problems.

Umpires are there to help you and to ensure that the flow of the tournament goes well.  Any questions or concerns can be raised with them. It is better to be early with problems than ignorning them altogether until it has ruined your game experience.

Armies must contain at least 50% Battlefront miniatures. All armies must be fully painted. Any miniatures not fully painted will be pulled from the table prior to starting the tournament.

Missions will be determined randomly before each round. There will be no more than two missions of any mission type (Fair Fight, Mobile Battle, Defensive Battle).

First round pairing will be randomly, after that Swiss System will be used (avoiding team members in round one).

For determining the winner, the Battlefront scoring matrix will be used.

 Additional Information
Der Club

Read more about the venue here: 

The venue will offer food and drinks for good prices.

Accommodation for up to 20 persons in single/double rooms with bath en suite is available on site. Costs per night is 25 including breakfast. No reservations – rooms have to be paid in advance.

We have also arranged a special deal with a local hotel 10 minutes' walk away (, where another 26 persons can stay for 35 per night per person (without breakfast). This price is available for bookings till 30 November 2015. Please mention 'Turnier' when booking so you can get this special rate. 

You can register for the tournament via the T3 webpage

or by email:


As we have booked the venue for the whole weekend, there will be some after-battle game action happing in the evening – the programme is not decided yet.

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