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War Paint Spray Cans
Available in Panther Yellow (CWP210) • Grenadier Green (CWP211) • Sherman Drab (CWP220) • Firefly Green (CWP230) • Tankovy Green (CWP240).

The War Paint range of spray cans features five colours that have been specifically formulated to match the appropriate Colours Of War colour. They are the same high quality paint Army Painter are well known for and come in a big 400ml can at a very competitive price.

War Paint Range
Panther Yellow (Mid/Late) (CPW210)

Panther Yellow (CWP210) Online store...

Below: An example of a Panther painted using Panther Yellow.

A Panther painted with Panther Yellow (Mid/Late)

Grenadier Green (CWP211) Online store...

Below: An example of the Grenadier Command Team painted using Grenadier Green (CWP211) - a quick and easy way to basecoat your German infantry.

Grenadier Command Team painted with Grenadier Green (CWP211)

Grenadier Green (CWP211)
Sherman Drab (Mid/Late) (CPW220)

Sherman Drab (CWP220) Online store...

Below: An example of a M4A1 Sherman painted using Sherman Drab (CWP220).

A Sherman painted with Sherman Drab (Mid/Late)

Firefly Green (CWP230) Online store... 

Below: An example of a Cromwell painted using Firefly Green (CWP230).

A Cromwell painted with Firefly Green (Late)

Firefly Green (CWP230)
Tankovy Green (CWP240)

Tankovy Green (CWP240) Online store...

Below: An example of a T-34/85 painted using Tankovy Green (CWP240).

A T-34/85 painted with Tankovy Green (CWP240)

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