Late War British Decals (BR942)

BR942 New Late War British Decals (BR942)
This product has been discontinued

BR942 is a pack of 4 identical sheets with arm of service numbers (numbers in coloured boxes denoting what type of unit it is), divisional and brigade symbols (7th Armoured Division, Guards Armoured Division and 31st Army Tank Brigade), tactical markings and Allied stars for air recognition.

Arm of Service Markings:

51 Armoured Platoons
54 Vehicles of Motor Platoons

992 Infantry Tank Platoons (Churchills)

77 Anti-tank regiment (anti-tank tow vehicles and M10/M10C)

Division Markings

Jerboa (desert rat) 7th Armoured Division (goes with 51, 54 and 77)
Shield Guards Armoured Division (goes with 51, 54 and 77)
Diablo (reflected triangles) 31st Army Tank Brigade (goes with 992)

Designed by Dion

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