Heer Panzer Decals (GE955)

GE955 Sheet 1 Heer Panzer Decals (Mid & Late) (GE955)
4 Sheets

The newest German Decal set covers the armoured forces of the German Heer (Army) and included divisional marking. for a number of divisions, as well as numbers and crosses. It can be used for Mid and Late-war.

Sheet 1

Sheet 1 comes with a selection of two digit and single digit black numbers with white outlines. With these number you can make up any combination of 3-digit numbers may require for your chosen Panzerkompanie. The sheet also includes a couple of rows of black and white Balken Crosses for marking your tanks.

Sheet 2

Sheet two shares the same layout at Sheet 1, but all the numbers are white and the Balken Crosses are of the low visibility white outline type.

Sheet 3

Sheet 3 comes with a variety of Divisional symbols. It includes Grossdeutschland Panzergrenadierdivision, 2. Panzerdivision, 3. Panzerdivision, 4. Panzerdivision, 11. Panzerdivision, 12. Panzerdivision,  and 19. Panzerdivision.

Sheet 4

With Sheet 4 you get more Divisional symbols for 20. Panzerdivision, 21. Panzerdivision, Panzer Lehr Division, 26. Panzerdivisions and Hermann Göring Division. This sheet also contains two rows of black and white Balken Crosses and two rows of white outline Balken Crosses.

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Designed by Casey Davies

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