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Using This Site

This site is your one-stop shop for all of your Open Fire needs. Using the menu above you can quickly navigate around the different parts of the site, whilst the menu on the left will show you other related articles.

In this site you will find:
  • helpful assembly and painting guides,
  • the Open Fire store where you can add more troops to your ever-growing army,
  • additional rules to add more flavour to your units in Open Fire games,
  • a section for answering some Frequently Asked Questions, and
  • a guide to help you transition into Flames Of War, your next step into World War II gaming.

Assembly and Painting

Go here to learn about how to assemble your Open Fire models and for some tips on how to get them looking the part on the battlefield. Open Fire Store: We need reinforcements! Check out the store to add more troops to your army, be they heavy-hitting tanks or tough infantry! The Open Fire Store is set up so that you can quickly and easily add more troops to help you win total victory!

Need help getting your troops table ready?...

Open Fire
Open Fire

Additional Rules

Go here to learn some additional rules that will give some of your units bonus abilities in the game. Learn how to mount up your infantry in transports or scope out the enemy situation with some reconnaissance armoured cars.

Find information on additional Open Fire! rules here...


We’ve all got questions, and this is where you’ll find the answers. If it’s not, we know how important it is that field commanders have all of the information they need, so drop us a line and we’ll get you an answer!

We've got some frequently asked questions here...

Open Fire
Open Fire

Where to Next? Flames Of War

Open Fire! is a stand alone game, designed to give you fast-paced games. If you’re looking for bigger battles with more depth covering the entire war start to finish, it might be time to check out Flames Of War. All of your Open Fire! models are compatible and can be used in Flames of War, so if you are keen on learning more, head over to this page for information about transitioning into Flames Of War.

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