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With Valeriano Gómez

On October 28, in Badajoz, Spain, a city of 156,000 inhabitants, a group of 42 generals met for a great day of Flames of War.

The event was supported by Battlefront, to whom we want to give our most sincere thanks, and especially to Joaquín Meier, who was attentive in all the previous months so that nothing was missing on the day of the tournament. They gave us plaques, national objectives (magnificent UFO) and various prizes in boxes.

Badajoz Flames of War Tournament 2023

Also highlight the support of E Minis and Júpiter Juegos, who also donated boxes and blister packs.

I, as the organizer of the event, Valeriano Gómez (Valendune), did not play, and I was in charge of the pairings, times and refereeing.

The tournament was a late war, 100 points, three rounds, and lasting three hours for each game. The location of the event was the Sancha Brava Social and Military Club, a perfect place since we also have a cafeteria-restaurant to eat and drink.

Badajoz Flames of War Tournament 2023

People from many cities in Spain moved to Badajoz, such as Madrid, Seville, Córdoba, Salamaca, Coruña, Mallorca, Tenerife, and Lisbon.

The tournament was blue/red, so in each round, the Axis vs Allies always faced each other. After the three games, the dominance was of the Axis, which monopolized the first three places. The first ally was Russia.

There were many prizes, and each participant took home at least one gift. We also had the nice Battlefront plaques for Best Generals, Best Table, Best Painted Army, and Wooden Spoon. We spend the money from tournament registrations on battlefront products and distribute them among the players.

Badajoz Flames of War Tournament 2023

It was a great day, and many people who came to see the game also visited us, from parents with their children to grandparents. Also worth highlighting is the variety in age of the tournament participants, from the 16-year-old junior of the tournament to the almost 60-year-old of the most veteran generals.

If you want to take a look at the lists and classification, you have it in the following links:



Next year we will return with more strength and more desire to organize an event like this year's. We hope to see you all next year!

Badajoz Flames of War Tournament 2023
Badajoz Flames of War Tournament 2023
Badajoz Flames of War Tournament 2023

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