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ETC 2023
ETC 2023

The biggest Flames of War event this summer, and arguably the whole year, is the ETC ( European Team Championship).

This 3-day tournament pitches countries, each represented by 6 players, against each other to figure out who is the best at pushing toy soldiers around.

For some, it’s the pinnacle of tournament play. A year-long planning studying and training culminates in three hot days in August. Here you will be tested on the knowledge of the game, the missions the different armies and their possible playstyles. Do you and your team have what it takes to eke out a victory? After 3 days and 6 games, a winner will be announced and that country can take the title home.


Others see this as the social event all things Flames of War. Meeting players from other countries, and old and new friends. Admiring the skill and craft of beautifully painted armies or just talking round the clock about our favourite game while having a drink or going for dinner in the evening.

ETC 2023

The name of the ETC in itself is a bit misleading as it is an international event rather than an exclusively European one. The ETC had a few re-incarnations and fresh starts and for the sake of ‘brand recognition’ the name stuck. 

ETC 2023

This year’s edition will be held in Belgium. Each autumn organizers get the chance to put in a bid to convince captains from each country to vote for their offer. This is the second year that Belgium has had the honour of hosting the event. Last year 20 teams joined in and in the end, Team USA came out on top.
Each team has their own way of selecting a team and a captain. Some have a more casual approach to this others have a yearlong ladder competition to see who gets chosen to join the team.

If you’re wondering if your country is represented or you want to join the ETC you can contact one of the current chairmen and they will set you on the path towards one of the best events of the year.

Find out more on the official ETC website...


Last Updated On Thursday, June 29, 2023 by Ryan Smith