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Tachanka (SSO141)

Tachanka (x2 teams) (SSO141) (Direct Only)
Contains 2x Tachanka Machine-gun wagons and 2x large bases.

Whilst their operational mobility is a major asset, cavalry do have some serious tactical weaknesses: vulnerability to fire and a lack of mounted firepower. The Red Army has two solutions to these problems. The first is simply to dismount and fight on foot when close to the enemy, however this negates the cavalry’s one big tactical advantage, speed.  

The second is to accompany the cavalry with tachanka machine-gun carts, mortars, and artillery. 

The tachankas race alongside the cavalry and turn and halt when in range to give covering fire. The mortars and artillery pound the enemy positions. Before the enemy can recover the cavalry is upon them.

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Tachanka (SSO141)

Tachanka (SSO141)

Last Updated On Friday, February 10, 2023