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Reforger 21 Report

Reforger 21 Report
with Garry Wait
We decided with the reduction in restrictions arising from COVID 19 to run a one day three round event here in Brisbane, Australia. We normally run two day five round events so this was a departure from the usual.

As such Reforger 21 was run with three rounds of 120pts at 2.5 hours per round, with a maximum of two formations to reduce spamming. To minimise the risk of draws, I gave players an additional point for each formation destroyed by them. This is something we don’t see too often especially with 120pt lists and two formations maximum. Most players ran two formations.

The event was exciting and well played with our resident Australian Defence Force player William leading during each of the first two rounds. Outstanding for a guy who hasn’t played in months.

We were originally expecting ten players but two missed out at the last minute due to work commitments sadly but with limited notice, eight players including one who flew the thousand or so kilometres from Sydney and two who’d driven several hours to play showed the commitment of the local player base in Australia.

I was very privileged to be a playing TO rounding out the numbers and as such, I had put together a simple to play Soviet Shock Company which at first glance looked tough and nasty but as players faced it, realised there were limitations as a “win big quickly or lose slowly” list. I had identified myself as ineligible for the trophies or gift voucher prizes in advance.

We were fortunate to have excellent support from Aetherworks for trophies and prize support and terrain and a great gaming area provided by local store Brisbane Gaming Collective. Owner Sal was very helpful and is keen to promote gaming here in our little part of Aussie.

We used battle plans for each of the rounds and found 120pts to be enough time although we had some very new players which meant one or two games didn’t see a result when an extra hour might have helped.  Overall we had a good mix of terrain with “West Berlin” and “Downtown Baghdad” getting particular raps – for different reasons !  Baghdad was exciting to play upon while West Berlin was a meat grinder.  Vicious terrain makes all the difference and having a mix of open and closed terrain really tested players. Where possible I try to have lucky door prizes to ensure as many people as possible go home with something and this is a policy I will continue to follow.  It’s important to encourage new players to come along and learn from a concentrated course of gaming – while having fun of course.

At the end of the day, we had a tie for first place between Nick and Scott, with Scott having broken two formations over the three games while Nick hadn’t broken any enemy formations

Left is Phil Baker who was (apart from his own vote) unamiously considered the best painted army on the day with his Iraqi Army supported by British Reconnaissance Squadron. A virgin army, never used before the weekend.  Everyone was stunned at the level of detail Phil squeezed into the minis and I wish my photos did him justice. Especially impressive when you consider that one of Phil’s day jobs during the Cold War was commanding a Scorpion light tank with the British Army, even acting as a gunnery instructor.  What he doesn’t know about Scorpions is probably not worth knowing !

Pictured Left: Phil Baker

Reforger 21 Report

Reforger 21 Report

Best and Fairest player was a group vote and went to Nick Ashby who would be second placed. Nick was highest voted although everyone received recognition for good sportsmanship. In the background is William Warnes-Jones to Nick’s right who runs an amazing combined Australian Army of Leopard AS1 Squadron and 5/7RAR Mechanised Company with elements of 2nd Cavalry Regiment supporting. 

First place as Best General went to Scott McCoorley with his US Army in a close fight. He and Nick fought first round in West Berlin in the grounds of the ruined Reichstag and ground each other to a bloody draw (mutual loss) but came back strongly after this. No player won all three games. Scott will be well known to many of you online as a frequent contributor of excellent articles to the Team Yankee website. Perhaps this will put to bed his credentials for writing – all those people who doubt the effectiveness of M3 Bradleys – feel free to ask him how well they performed. Much like in Desert Storm, they did more tank busting and enemy trashing than the higher fancied M1A1 HC’s he ran ! Who would have thought history could repeat itself?

Reforger 21 Report

We are looking forward to backing up to Briscon 2021 on 17-18 April again in Brisbane with donations and profits for the Flames of War and Team Yankee events being donated to Soldier On Charity to support veterans.

Congratulations to all who attended with a special mention to Matt Lee for flying in from Sydney and thanks especially to our sponsors Aetherworks and Brisbane Gaming Collective.

Reforger 21 Report

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