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15mm Price Rise & Sale

Flames Of War and WWIII: Team Yankee Price Rise And Sale

The unfolding events of 2020 have taken their toll across the world, not only on people but on organisations and infrastructures. The problems caused by Coronavirus-related disruptions to the global supply chain has resulted in numerous cost increases and Covid-19 based surcharges, particularly in the area of international freight and logistics.

It has always been our policy to absorb as many of these costs as possible in an effort to shield our customers, both retailers and gamers alike, as we understand the pain that everyone is feeling during these troubling times. However, having held the line for many years we find ourselves with no option but to review some of our pricing from the start of 2021. From the 14th January 2021 we will be changing prices on all 15mm plastic and all 15mm book products. The change is restricted to just these codes. We have never modified the pricing on plastics from when the very first tank came out almost a decade ago and book pricing has remained unchanged for over six years. 

All of these products will still be great value, especially the army deals and starter sets which have an unbelievable discount in them to help people get in to the hobby, whilst the army books still remain cheaper under this new pricing than they were ten years ago.

We know that you understand that this is not a decision that we take lightly, nor is it something that we wanted to rush into, which is why we are signalling this change well in advance. By holding off the changes until the new year we believe that it will give you the best chance to pick up any models or books from your local retailers over the coming months as we run up to Christmas.

As part of the upcoming change and to give everyone the excuse to celebrate getting through 2020 with some new models in their collection we are going to have a sale on our 15mm plastic and book ranges for Flames Of War and WWIII: Team Yankee in November. We are going to keep things nice and simple so the offer is a buy two get a third for free. The lowest value item is always the free one but three of the same item gives you an entire platoon of tanks for free.

15mm Price Rise & Sale

Battlefront 15mm Sale Product List PDF...

15mm Price Rise & Sale

You can mix and match across the assortment with books and plastics so all you need to do is work out what your free item is for each two other things you buy. All of these codes are core Flames Of War and WWIII: Team Yankee army building blocks so it is not just a great time to fill out your existing army but also a great time to start a new one.

All local gaming stores are being encouraged to offer the same deal and we are giving them free stock to make sure they can participate in exactly the same way whilst maintaining their profits on the sales, something everyone can benefit from after the year we have all had. We would like to see you go and take advantage of this at your local store, if you have one, as although this will also be an online offer your local shop needs the support more than ever before.

The offer is on almost the entire range and the few exclusions are due to stock holding on hand for codes we are currently waiting on restocks for or the most recent releases of Soviets for Flames Of War and WWIII: Team Yankee. This is a while stocks last offer so we will not be taking back orders or fulfilling any shipments after the sale has ended.

The sale will start on Thursday Nov 12th and end on Sunday Dec 6th so you have three weeks to get into your local store and grab what you can or place your order online.

~John Paul

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