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31 May 2020  30 May 2020 

29 May 2020

 Falaise Epsom

Following the Normandy break-out and the capture of Caen by Allied forces, a huge envelopment of German forces in Normandy began. 

Dawn, 26 June – Operation Epsom begins with the fresh 15th Scottish Division’s first action of the war.

Defending St Aignan are the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry (1NY) supported (off table) by infantry from the Black Watch. 


 28 May 2020 27 May 2020 

26 May 2020

Luftwaffe Infantry 
Operation Cobra 

Following their bloody introduction to Normandy at Omaha Beach, the US 29th Division must now spearhead the attack inland, towards St. Lo. 

Phil takes a look at Luftwaffe ground forces in the German Army.

We take a look at the major events of Operation Cobra . 

25 May 2020 24 May 2020

23 May 2020

Dash to Paris Captured Artillery in German Infanterie divisions Normandy 1944 Mortain and the 30th Infantry Division Old Hickory

On 1 August 1944, General Philippe LeClerc de Hauteclocque led his 2nd Free French Armored Division on to the beaches of Normandy and marched inland to help liberate their country from the Nazi regime.

Many of the German infantry formations in Normandy were issued with captured foreign weapons to arm their artillery regiments. The following is a breakdown of who got what (where the information is available).

Derek Body introduces a four mission linked campaign that can be used to represent some of the battles fought between the American 30th Infantry Division and the German forces of Operation Lüttich (7-11 August 1944).

22 May 2020

21 May 2020

20 May 2020

Grenadiers in Normandy

Flak 88

2nd Infantry

German Infanterie Divisions in the Normandy Campaign Steve Bernich takes a look at the German Infantry divisions that fought in Normandy.

Todd Powell takes a look at the role of the III Flakkorps in Normandy.

We take a look at the US 2nd “Indianhead” Infantry Division in France June-September 1944. 

19 May 2020

18 May 2020

17 May 2020

French Tanks

German Heer Panzer Divisions in Normandy

Russell Briant's New Zealand NatCon 2005 Tournament force

The 2nd French Armored Division fought its way through Tunisia and Normandy. They fought to close the Falaise Gap and were given the honour of liberating Paris.

Steve Bernich looks at the German Heer Panzer Divisions in Normandy. 

In 2005 Russell Briant ran a German Aufklarungs Kompanie (Mechanised Infantry Reconnaissance) based on 16. Panzerdivision at Salerno, Italy, September 1943. 

16 May 2020

15 May 2020

14 May 2020

The Panzer Lehr Counter-attack at le Désert

1st Special Service Brigade: Army Commandos in Normandy

4th Special Service Brigade, Royal Marine Commandos in Normandy

We take a look at the Panzer Lehr Counter-attack at le Désert to halt the US Advance on St-Lô. 

Mark Francis takes a look at the Commandos of the 1st Special Service Brigade, their actions in Normandy. 

Jason Davis examines the British Royal Marine Commandos’ fighting on D-Day and in Normandy beyond in “4th Special Service Brigade, Royal Marine Commandos in Normandy”. 

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