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Assembling The 10.5cm gun (GBX145)

Assembling the 7.5cm Mountain Gun (GE576)

How to assemble your 7.5cm Mountain Gun.

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Step 1. Begin assembly of the 7.5cm gun by attaching the gun shield to the carriage. On the back of the gun shield you will find a notch that matches to the carriage.

Below: The  shield attached correctly to the gun carriage.
Step 2. Next, attach the 7.5cm gun to the main carriage. Note that there are notches on the gun to help you position it. Step 3. Next, attach the left and right side wheels to the main carriage.
Below: The assembled 7.5cm mountain gun. Step 4. Place the crew figures and the gun on the large base facing the short edge. Below:  The fully assembled gun. Some players like to paint the gun and crew before attaching them to bases.

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