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The Longest Day Tournament

If you're looking for an event near you, or you're hosting an event yourself, be sure to check out the Battlefront Events page. You can enter your own event so anyone searching for a weekend tournament or a gaming convention can find your games, or you can peruse the calendar and plan your next weekend of gaming!

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Attack X

Attack X
September 14-15
Kamlops, BC, Canada

Attack X is being held at Kamloops BC, Canada on September 13-15th, 2019. This is the 7th year the event has been held and is one of the 2 main convention-based Canadian Flames of War tournaments currently. 

Canadian Nationals focuses on Eastern regions of Canada, while Attack- X is focused more on the Western territories. This year’s event will be 100pts of LW starting on Saturday and ending Sunday with 5 rounds played in total, and will be using Battle Plans for mission generation. Battlefront is working with High Octane Comics for prize support, they are also an event sponsor at Attack-X Currently we have 16 registered, which was similar to last year’s attendance.

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Barrage Con
September 27
Havre De Grace, Maryland, USA

Is a local (to BF North America) Wargaming convention hosted by the HAWKs (Harford Area Weekly Kriegspielers) dating back to 1996.  They added a Flames Tournament in 2012, and we have been involved with them since. Back in 2016 it grew into a 2-day venue and is more of a check-out-and-get-involved in wargaming rather than a hard-core elite competition.

Barrage Con

Barrage and the HAWKs promote a family-friendly environment and welcome younger participants. This year Little Wars TV is also present hosting video streaming and event recaps.

Chad will be representing Battlefront at Barrage Con this year and will provide Tournament tables and terrain for the currently expected attendees as well as participating in demos to grow the hobby.

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Rally Point

Rally Point
September 21-22
Hamilton, NZ
Rallypoint is a Hamilton Immortals club event and goes back 45 years! Flames of War Midwar, V4 rules and points, with any LFTF released before August 2019. Points level and army format: 55 points, ONE formation only, up to 3 upgrade cards, from any MW book Each army MUST contain a Tank platoon with at least front armour 3, AND an infantry platoon with at least 5 teams.

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Tabletop Gaming Live
September 28-29
London, UK
After a fantastic first year, we’ll be bringing even more brand new and upcoming releases, tournaments, workshops, talks, and fun to the beautiful venue of Alexandra Palace on Saturday, September 28th and Sunday 29th 2019.


Tabletop Gaming Live

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October 5-6
Backum, Germany

Minyarts - Miniatures and More in Germany, is hosting a convention for tabletop / board and trading card games this year on October 5th and 6th. Battlefront will be providing table and terrain support, as well as raffle prizes to support the Förderverein of St. Martin daycare in Beckum.

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MOAB 2019
October 5-6
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Games will be played at100 Points set in Late War over two days with five games. Valid books include Fortress Europe, D-Day American and D-Day German.

MOAB 2019

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UK Grand Tournamnet

UK Grand Tournament
November 5-6
Candiff, UK
Firestorm Games will be running the UK Grand Tournament at Firestorm Games for the second year running in their gaming centre. Games will be set in Late War with 100 point lists taking books and command cards from Fortress Europe, D-Day Americans and D-Day Germans. There will also be prizes for winnders, best opponent and best painted.

 UK Grand Tournament Full Details...

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