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7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40

Light Gun Platoon (Fallschirmjäger) (GE561)
7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40

The Fallschirmjäger Light Gun Platoons were armed with the 7.5 cm LG40. The 7.5cm LG40 is a light recoilless gun designed for use in airborne operations. It first went into action during the Operation Merkur (the invasion of Crete) in 1941 where it was dropped in four separate containers. Later methods were refined and only two drop containers were used.

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Light Gun Platoon (Fallschirmjäger) (GE561)
It was of very light construction making it ideal for the Fallschirmjäger. The 7.5cm LG40 was also pushed into service with other German light troops where its light construction made it ideal for mountain operations.   

Unfortunately like all recoilless weapons the LG40 has a substantial back blast creating a hazardous cone behind the weapon.
7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40
7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40

It also kicked up a lot of dust when firing, often giving away the gun’s position.

7.5cm LG40 Gun

Length: 750mm
Traverse: 360° below 20° elevation, 60° above 20° elevation
Elevation: -15° to +42°
Weight: 145kg
Muzzle Velocity: 350mps
Range: 6800m

In Flames Of War

The Light Gun Platoon provided the Fallschirmjäger with an air-droppable duel purpose gun platoon that can deal with both dug-in infantry and tanks. However being recoilless means they can’t take-up positions in buildings and are never concealed if firing.

They perform well as a weapon with a range 16”/40cm, ROF 2, AT 9, FP 3+. They are light and manoeuvrable counting as a Man-packed Gun.

Command SMG team

As a Man-packed Gun they make good ambushers before opening fire, and their Turntable lets them fire in any direction when they do.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Jeremy Painter

Light Gun Platoon (Fallschirmjäger) (GE561)
7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40 Command SMG team
Command SMG team 7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40
7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40 Command SMG team
7.5cm Leichgeschultz 40 Drop canister

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