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Patch's Hobby League

Patch's Hobby League
For the Hobby League I have decided to build a Veteran Sherman Company. The reason I chose the Shermans is because they are what I would consider to be the iconic tank from World War II. I have already built up five 76mm Shermans, two 75mm Shermans and some Priests so I only needed a few more additions to get my 100 point army. At this stage, I’m looking forward to painting my units as I am yet to try that.

Patch's Hobby League

Week 1
After misplacing my crafting utensils i’m afraid to say that I’m still working on putting my tanks together. At this rate I should have them completed by the end of next week. Only 8 more Shermans to go. 

Last Updated On Friday, August 9, 2019 by Alexander at Battlefront