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Alex's Hobby League

Alex's Hobby League
The key to embarking on any project, Flames Of War or otherwise, is to latch onto something you find interesting. For me, that meant the opportunity to either modify units in my force or paint a colour I haven’t painted before. A tabletop approximation of 16. Feld-Division (L) in Normandy, 1944, offers me both of these chances— an opportunity to paint Luftwaffe blue, and an opportunity to modify a few grenadier uniforms to reflect the very swish LwFD camouflage smock.

Having spent an afternoon spitballing with Phil and Andrew, I came up with a list representing 16. Feld-Division (L) roughly as they were during Operation Goodwood, supported by bits of 21. Panzerdivision

Check out the start of Alex's Luftwaffe Feld-Divisions here...

Alex's Hobby League Alex's Hobby League

Week 1
This week I finished adding camo smocks to a selection of troop, primed, and began base coating them. It has been a bit of a selective endeavour, with some figures getting all blue uniforms, others getting blue jackets or trousers with or without camo smocks. Figures not in or partially in blue then need to get field grey uniform items painted, or their entire uniform if they are in full Heer. The camo smocks pose another interesting challenge- I need to decide on a colour scheme for the Luftwaffe Splinter and a separate but similar one for the Heer Splinter, because from what I can see they are both slightly different in colour and I want to sort of imply that on the tabletop by giving them slightly different colours. 

Week 2
For me the central tension has been deciding how to paint my splinter camo in such a way as to get enough variation between Heer and Luftwaffe uniforms. There is a semi-apparent difference between the Heer Splinter and the LwFD Splinter, which mostly has to do with the size of the pattern. I know that at 15mm I won’t be able to replicate the subtle pattern differences between the two styles, but after consulting my copy of Colours Of War, I found that the recommended method of differentiating the two is to paint the base coat of the Luftwaffe Splittermuster with a mixture of German Camo Beige and Green Ochre, and base coating Heer Zeltbahns with just Green Grey, thus having my grenadiers kitted out in Summer Splinter pattern.

They other variations between the figures include the gas mask cannisters, bread bags, and ankle covers; which depending on issue, could be Heer Green, Green Grey, or Field Blue. To pick the Field Blue items out against Luftwaffe Uniform WWII Uniforms, I’ve followed the Field Grey/Green Grey method of using a lighter colour, so I’ve gone with Field Blue for those items.

Luftwaffe leather appears, according to the reenactment boys, to have been brown as opposed to the Heer black, but I’m almost certain that supply issues and the absorption of the LwFD into the Heer means it doesn't actually matter what colour leather I paint. That doesn’t mean I won’t take the chance to paint some brown- every difference adds to the effect!

A Sample of Luftwaffe

Luftwaffe Stick 1

Luftwaffe Stick 2

Week 3
I've finished painting the base coats on all the different uniform colours I'm working on (Khaki Heer smocks, Green Grey Zeltbahns, German Camo Beige/Gren Ochre Luftwaffe, German Field Grey Heer uniforms, and Lufwaffe Uniform blue Luftwaffe uniforms), and I've done the first highlight. The next immediate step is to start on the camo, second highlight, and then it's on to all the kit, flesh highlights, leathers, and boots. 

LwFD Week 3

Week 3 Luftwaffe

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