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Diana (GE113)

Diana (GE113)
7,62cm FK36(r) auf Panzerjäger Sf Zgkw

The ’Diana’ was a conversion of the Sd Kfz 6 5-ton half-track tractor mounting the captured Russian 7.62cm gun (FK 36(r)).

605. Panzerjager-Abteilung had its anti-tank ability strengthened just before Rommel’s attack on the Gazala Line in late May by the arrival of the Diana.

Fitted with captured Russian guns, six of these vehicles arrived in late January 1942, and three more in February. 

All nine were assigned to 90th Light Division on March 8, 1942. The British nicknamed these self-propelled guns "Diana". They proved quite effective during the heavy fighting against the new British Grants, and during the assault on Bir Hacheim. By June 22, 1942 when Panzerarmee Afrika captured Tobruk, only two were listed as still operational.   

However, about five were kept running until the second Alamein battles, and two were captured and put on display by the British. 

The Diana was an Sd Kfz 6 equipped with a rear armoured superstructure mounting the Soviet 7.62cm gun M1936 (FK 36(r) or FK 295(r)).

Diana (GE113)
Diana (GE113)

76.2 mm Pak 36(r)/FK295(r) auf 5t Sd.Kfz.6/3 "Diana"

Weight: 10.125 Tons
Crew: 5
Length: 6.10 m
Width: 2.22 m
Height: 3.05 m
Engine: Maybach HL 54TRUKRM, 6 cylinders
Fuel: Gasoline (190 L)
Speed: 50 km/h (road), 48 km/h (off road)
Range: 222 km (road)
Armament: 1x 7.62cm FK295(r)
Ammunition: 64-100 rounds
Armour: 3-5mm

The gun was mounted with the wheels still in place but cutting off a portion of the trail arms to fit the width of the vehicle. 

In Flames Of War

Though only 9 Dianas were made, they proved an excellent stopgap measure as a self-propelled anti-tank weapon. So if you are fielding a force from the Gazala battles the Diana is well worth considering.

It has a Range of 32”/80cm, AT 10, FP 3+ and ROF 2. Its armour is quite light so don’t expose it unnecessarily (F0, S0, T0), and it is not as manoeuvrable as a Fully-tracked vehicle in Rough Terrain (Move 4”/10cm).

Designed and Painted by Evan Allen

Diana (GE113)
Diana (GE113) Diana (GE113)
Diana (GE113)

Diana (GE113)

Diana (GE113)

Diana (GE113) Diana (GE113)

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