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Battlefront UK Open Day

Battlefront UK Open Day
June 29th 2018 Cleve Lodge, Long Eaton, Derbyshire NG10, UK.

The Battlefront Open Day, (June 29, 2019 at Cleve Lodge, tickets 10GBP) is shaping up to be a massive day, and we are excited to share with you what we are planning to get up to. 

Right off the bat, all visitors will receive a goody bag from Battlefront UK with a church terrain piece and Late-War tank sprue.

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With the focus on Late-War, there will be a whole range of Late-War activities including the largest Participation game that Battlefront has ever hosted— D-Day: Omaha Beach, a 24ft by 6ft match up in association with Breakthrough Assault, a Whitman’s Wild Ride game, and Late War Tanks Battle Royal.

Great War and Team Yankee will be featured too with Oil War Golan Heights Clash run by Leeds Night Owls, a Great War Attack the Bath House run by Pete Harris, and a TANKS: The Modern Age - Battle Royale.

On top of all the Battlefront gaming, Peter Simonuvich will be giving a pair of seminars during the day, one on the course of Late-War, and one on the future plans of the Battlefront Studio in general, as well as a moderated Q+A.

Gale Force 9 games will also be on offer for those who want to sit down and play speedy games Vault of Dragons, Brigands & Browncoats and Doctor Who. Demo games of Aliens will also be played to give everyone a sneak peak of the upcoming game.

Battlefront UK Open Day

 Painting competitions for Flames Of War and Dungeons & Dragons miniatures will be open for those who want a chance to win some cool prizes and share their painting.

The Battlefront Open Day is drawing nearer and nearer, so be sure to secure your place and your ticket, and we look forward to seeing you at Cleve Lodge

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Battlefront UK Open Day

Everyone who attends the Battlefront UK Open Day event will be getting some exclusive goodies shown in the picture above. Each attendee will get a Ruined Lile Church and a League Token Set.

Open Day Seminars
At the 2019 Open Day back by popular demand we will be hosting 2 seminars.

10 am to 11am - Flames of War

With Phil and Wayne joining us on Skype from New Zealand and Peter Simunovich. They will be taking you through the Late War Version 4 Journey and what, future holds, and will answer any questions.

11.30 to 12.30pm - Battlefront & Questions and Answers

Peter Simunovich and John Matthews will be taking you through what else is upcoming with Battlefront, and answering audience questions.

If you cannot make the Open Day and have a question that you would like answered please mail them to [email protected] with the title header Open Day QnA, and we will do our best to have them answered at the Open Day.

We understand that some of you from further afield will not be able to attend the Open Day, to ensure that you do not miss the Seminars these are being recorded and will be posted up on the Flames of War website on the 4th of July.

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