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Battleground Belgium

Battleground Belgium
with Dirk Sels
On September 22nd, 2018, 16 players gathered in Lokeren for our 2nd annual Battleground Belgium game.

We chose for an 80 point Mid-War format and fair fight missions. We were able to attract people from Holland and Germany, so as organizers we were very happy with the turnout.

The missions were chosen in advance and were announced in the ruleset. All missions were fair fight missions. Attackers were chosen by luck and not by choice. In hindsight this may not be the best formula for a tournament, it might be better to have players decide themselves when building their army, food for thought Anyhow, as a result we had quite a few draws.

Since the two new mid-war book came out, we had pushed the list registration as late as possible to allow players to enter with list from Iron Cross or Enemy at the Gates.

Great fun and fair matches were had. Sometimes the dice gods withheld their blessings and at other moments they were generous, even too generous at times. In the end the Germans ( played by a German) came out on top. 

A big thanks to everyone that showed up and made the event one remember. 

Also a big shout-out to Battlefront, not only for creating the game we love, but especially for prize support that was given.

We from Battleground Belgium hope to see all of you again next year! And to those who missed out this year make sure to visit us next year.

Overall Winner: Thomas Czudnochowski (GE)

German Grenadier Company (Iron Cross)

Prize: Iron Cross/Enemy at the Gates book bundle

Battleground Belgium

Best Allied: Benjamin Dupont (BE), Honey Armoured squadron, Armoured Fist

Battleground Belgium

Winner Best Painted Prize: Sjon Cornelissen (NL)

German Afrika Rifle Company (Afrika Korps)

Prize: Stalingrad Starter set

 Wooden Spoon: Tobias Tessuer (BE)

British Rifle Company (Armoured Fist)

Prize: Armoured Fist dice set

Battleground Belgium

Battleground Belgium

As BattleFront also delivered the Armoured Fist book, we decided to have a raffle between all non-winning players…

Raffle Winner: Thijs Kemper (NL)

To end, below you find the final standings:

Final Standings
Placing Name Army Formation (book)
1. Thomas Czudnochowski (GE) Grenadier Company (Iron Cross)
2. Benjamin Dupont (BE) Honey Armoured Squadron (Armoured Fist)
3. Dirk Sels (BE) M3 Stuart Tank Company (Fighting First)
4. Robbie Nottermans (BE) Pz III Tank Company (Iron Cross)
5. Erik Goethals (BE) Hero Rifle Bataljon (Emeny at the Gates)
6. Gerben Boersma (NL) Motor Company (Armoured Fist)
7. Steven Breughe (BE) Rifle Company (Armoured Fist)
8. Hans Vannoppen (BE) Pz III Tank Company (Afrika Korps)
9. Sven Desmet (BE) Grenadier Company (Iron Cross)
10. Jan Jeurissen (BE) T34 Tank Battalion (Enemy at the Gates)
11. Ruben De Nijs (BE) Tank Company (Avanti)
12. Tim Bogaerts (BE) 90th Light Rifle Company (Afrika Korps)
13. Wouter De Roo (NL) Armored Rifle Company (Fighting First)
14. Thijs Kemper (NL) Grenadier Company (Iron Cross)
15. Sjorn Cornelissen (NL Afrika Rifle Company (Afrika Korps)
16. Tobias Tesseur (BE) Rifle Company (Armoured Fist)




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