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3rd GamesCon Flames Of War Tournament - Beograd, Serbia

3rd GamesCon Flames Of War Tournament - Beograd, Serbia
V4, Mid War, singles

Points: 100 including Command Cards
Date: Saturday and Sunday, December 1st and 2nd 2018.
Max number of players: 60 (First come, first serve)
Number of games: 4 (2 games will be played on Saturday and 2 on Sunday)

Beogradski Sajam Hala 1 (Belgrade Fair Hall 1)
Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 1
11000 Beograd, Serbia

Entry fee 25 Euros. 
Entry fee includes lunch for both 1st and 2nd day of the tournament and entry pass to GamesCon for all 3 days (Friday to Sunday).

Transport to and from the airport can be provided. Price per ride, not per person, one way by car is 20€ and by minivan 30€.
In order to organize transport I will have to have flight numbers few days in advance.

There will be awards for first 3 places and best painted army.

Rules and Regulations 
First round pairings will be semi-directed (players from Beograd in one hat and all others in other) since most players would prefer to play their first game against not their usual gaming opponents. All of the following rounds will be determined by Swiss system;

Missions will be selected by Battle Plan Cards, in case of Blue vs Blue roll of to choose who is Allied or Axis. More Mission from Battlefront website will be used for mission description and victory conditions.
Each game will have a time limit of 3 hours.

Army lists must be submitted to [email protected] or [email protected] by 15th of November, all official MW army books, Formation Cards and PDFs are allowed. You can register for tournament either on above emails or directly on Tourney Keeper.

Every tournament entry must include: Player’s full name, e-mail address and army list (can be submitted after the application, but no later than 15th of November);

No more than two same Formations by name can be included in the Force

The winner of the tournament will be determined by the amount of “big points” (Wins > small points);
Tiebreakers will be determined by the amount of small points > killed platoons 

Tournament Schedule
Saturday, December 1st

  • Welcome, briefing and pairing: 9:00-10:00
  • Round 1: 10:00-13:00
  • Lunch: 13:00-14:30
  • Round 2: 14:30-17:30
Sunday, December 2nd


  • Round 3: 10:00-13:00
  • Lunch: 13:00-14:30
  • Round 2: 14:30-17:30
  • Final ceremony: 17:30-18:00


All additional information: [email protected]

More information about the GamesCon event can be found here...

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