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Sniper Missions

Sniper Missions
During the Live Launch of Enemy at the Gates and Iron Cross we sat down with Mike to play out a tense but very fun set of games with Snipers. The different missions had us sniping each other as well as a cooperative mission with us competing for a higher kill count. Today we've uploaded the rules we used here so that you can field your own Snipers and try out this novel way of enjoying Flames Of War.

As dusk approaches, the fires from the day's battle crackle on burning away. Exhausted soldiers, settling into the city ruins, are doing anything they can to find some respite before nightfall, trading cigarettes, and canteens.

A small group of fresh replacements work their way through the rubble to join the veterans ahead. Suddenly the new lieutenant leading them drops, dead before he hits the ground. The rest of the replacements freeze, the worst thing they could do as two more fall. They could hear no shots being fired, so they look around in dumbfounded disbelief. Soon, the entire patrol is destroyed.

1000 metres away, the sniper closes the cover on his scope and packs down his hide. He pauses for a moment to read the landscape before relocating to his next position. Slowly he gets up and uses cover to get moving, unaware he's being watched...

Sniper Missions

Enemy snipers are operating in your area, so you've been called for to deal with them. Pick up your sniper rifle and head into the rubble-strewn streets and remove the threat once and for all. Each player controls a single Sniper team operating in the ruins of a city. Your goal is to find and eliminate the enemy Sniper. Sometimes you and your opponent will have other targets to destroy along the way, in which case you'll need to get to yours before they do!

For these missions, you'll need some Sniper teams and a few command small bases from your collection to use as targets. The missions are played on a small 3'x3' (90x90cm), using a couple of City Buildings to fill out the table.

In the first mission, the players both have a mark that they need to eliminate. They will need to race against each other to eliminate the target first. Alternatively, you can also track down the enemy sniper and deal with the threat that way.

Sniper Missions

Sniper Missions

In the second mission, an enemy scout patrol has secured intel that will compromise your operations. Eliminate them before they return to safety.

The third mission is a standard sniper duel. You and your opponent(s) are on the same battlefield with only one objective: kill or be killed

In the final mission, you and your comrade sniper have been trapped in a building. An enraged enemy is sending everything they have to kill you two. You know this is your last stand, so you better make it count!  

Click here to download the Sniper Mission Rules PDF...

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Sniper Missions

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