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Road to Panzerschreck: Andrew and Luke

Road to Panzerschreck 2018:
Andrew and Luke

with Andrew Haught

When I first moved to New Zealand I wasn’t able to bring all my Flames of War armies with me, so I moved over with the intention of starting a new army when I arrived. I am an infantry player at heart and wanted something that made a cool infantry force and could be used in Early, Mid, or Late war. Finally, the army also had to be something I didn’t already own back in the States. I quickly decided on Finns as I had always wanted to play them and this was the excuse that I needed to get the project going. So now five years later Finns are still my go to army. 

When Luke and I first started discussing our team lists we had loads of ideas of what we wanted to run, but when Luke settled on Panzer IV Company I found an excuse to run my favourite army again. 

Andrew's Jalkaväkikomppania Army List

Jalkaväkikomppania HQ 100 Points

Cmd SMG teams  (x 2)


Panzerschreck (x 1)


Close Defence Rifle team (x 1)

Jalkaväki Platoon 240 Points

Lauri Torni (x 1) 

Rifle Team (x 8)  
Jalkaväki Platoon 185 Points
Panzerfaust SMG team  (x 1)  
Rifle team (x 8)  
Mortar Platoon 90 Points
Light Mortar Team (x 3)   
HMG Platoon 60 Points
Maxim HMG Team (x 2)   
Captured Panssari Platoon 105 Points
ISU-152 (x 1)   
Heavy Anti-Tank Platoon 120 Points
Pak 40 with Toivo Ilomaku (x 1)  
Pak 40 (x 1)  
Road to Panzerschreck: Andrew and Luke

Luke's Panzer IV Tank Company Army List

Panzer IV Tank Company HQ 180 Points

Panzer IV (7.5cm) (x 2)


Panzer IV Tank Platoon 360 Points

Panzer IV (7.5cm) (x 4)

Panzer IV Tank Platoon
360 Points
Panzer IV (7.5cm) (x 4)  
Road to Panzerschreck: Andrew and Luke

I love the personality that this list has. I am using a captured ISU-152 and I know it’s not the most ideal unit but I love the model and the idea of running captured equipment.

I am also running two Warriors in my army this weekend. Toivo Ilomaku is a great Warrior and to be honest I had ten points spare so there was no reason not to bring him. He gives his Pak 40 re-rolls making that weak two-gun unit work well as a small ambush platoon or long-range tank hunters. I also get to run one of my favourite heroes, Lauri Torni.

Torni is just amazing, for 65 points he lets his unit pass all motivation tests on a 2+ and re-roll misses in assaults. Two abilities that are just awesome to put into a nine-man Fearless Veteran unit.

My Jalkaväkikomppania list is flexible, it could be used both aggressively and defensively, but I think we will try to always be aggressive. The main strategy of our lists is to swarm and hit hard with Veteran tanks with my troops closely supporting Luke’s tanks. We will either die quick or win quick but either way we aim to have fun games.

Last Updated On Monday, July 16, 2018 by Luke at Battlefront