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Road to Panzerschreck: Phil and Mila

Road to Panzerschreck 2018:
Phil and Mila

with Phil Yates

Having missed Panzerschreck last year, I’m looking forward to some great games this year!

My partner this year is Mila, our new Project Manager and a new-comer to Flames of War. The good news is that she’s not a complete newbie - she’s played a Mid-War game to learn the ropes! Hopefully, we can get a couple more games in before the tournament.

Our force is from my old flame, the Desert Rats from Overlord. Mila will command half an Armoured Squadron, while I will take charge of an understrength Motor Company. That way we have a fast, mobile element and a solid infantry force to provide a pivot for manoeuvre and to clear out woods and villages that get in the way of advances.

Mila’s Armoured Squadron has a good mix of capabilities, with two CS tanks in the HQ for artillery support, and two troops with three fast Cromwells and a deadly Firefly in each. It’s not a force designed to take things on with a blunt frontal attack. Rather, it’s going to need some finesse to pick a part of the enemy force, pin them from the front with the Fireflies while flanking quickly with the Cromwells, and overwhelm them before the rest of the enemy can intervene.

Road to Panzerschreck: Phil and Mila

Road to Panzerschreck: Phil and Mila

That’s where my Motor Company comes in. The infantry and the 6 pdr guns can hold an objective fairly well against most comers, while the M10C 17pdr SP guns keep the enemy from manoeuvring freely to engage the Cromwells (or simply blast them apart if they get too cocksure!). The Motor Company also has a pair of mortars for its artillery and a scout patrol of Universal Carriers to take advantage of opportunities.

That doesn’t mean the Motor Company will always be playing second fiddle to the tanks though. If the enemy give them the opportunity, they will mount their half-tracks and advance - either to further cramp the enemy’s manoeuvre space, or to assault a poorly defended objective.

Road to Panzerschreck: Phil and Mila

Road to Panzerschreck: Phil and Mila

All-in-all, the force has a good mix of capabilities to tackle any problem and keep the enemy off balance. It’s a force that has plenty of oomph in the early game, but we’ll need to take full advantage of that to weaken the enemy as being Reluctant, once we start taking heavy casualties, things will fall apart quickly.

Still, I’ve pulled off a win with a Motor Company and a third with an Armoured Squadron before, so hopefully my Desert Rats veterans won’t let me down this time!

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