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Paris fait son (Team) Yankee Paris fait son (Team) Yankee
A Team Yankee Tournament
with Frederic Osio

Team Yankee France held its first Team Yankee tournament in Paris on Sunday June 18th. The 18th of June is a special date for French people as it’s the date of the famous “Call” from General De Gaulle, officially forming the Resistance in France and abroad in WW2. The events name “Paris fait son (Team) Yankee”, is a play on words in the French language about welcoming our American tourists to the capital, with the theme of the event being “welcoming”, “gathering” and “sharing”.

The first aim of the tournament was to get together a growing community for a fun and enjoyable day, with a couple of “organized games”.

Sure, it was a competition, but there was no competitive spirit or as the French say no “couteau entre les dents”. There were players of varying skill levels; with old players from Flames of War, players with reasonable international experience (3 out of 10 players were or are currently playing for Team France in the ETC FoW tournament), new players brand new to wargames, others from other universes, younglings, and some “not so young” ones! #MultiGenerations

Paris fait son (Team) Yankee
Paris fait son (Team) Yankee

Our main enjoyment came from watching games between players with a very different skill and experience levels going smoothly, without baby seal clubbing or dirty competition spirit, and having the pleasure of witnessing gentlemanly sportsmanship all round, with players helping each other to better understand the game mechanics, reminding each other when they miss to do a move, take a shot or perform an order and giving many valuable advice after the games took place. This is how tournaments should be. #SocialEvent

Left: click on the image to check out the awesome Basketball Court

We played 3 rounds with 50 points armies, with all Team Yankee nations represented (USA, UK, W.Germany, E.Germany, USSR).

Gaming experience was very diverse, which translated into list building and game play. But it didn’t prevent players from enjoying their day, far from it! The gaming was intense with noble behavior shown across the board!

Right: another view of this great table...

Paris fait son (Team) Yankee
Paris fait son (Team) Yankee

We choose this picture to depict what the event was all about.

The beautifully hand painted Hinds from our Painting prize winner Matthieu flying over the sexy table from our Fair Play Prize winner Romain Pierre. It truly emphasizes what this day was about.

Left: Matthieu's Hinds. It is easy to love these monstrosities - the Hind helicopter that is. But we think Matthieu's paint job is pretty good too!

We are really looking forward to the next event. Team Yankee is expanding in France, so if you are out there, there must be someone near you ready for a game!

Team Yankee France is very active on social media, if you want to stay up to date you can follow us on Facebook:


And you can find valuable (and funny!) videos on Team Yankee (rules, kits, gaming tips…), in French, on YouTube:


Next step will be Saumur Team Yankee tournament held in the prestigious Tank Museum, thanks to the tremendous work of Marc, and the Team Yankee campaign this summer.
We plan to hold more events before the end of the year, not only in Paris, but everywhere in France and are looking forward organizing even bigger events in order to involve our friends from abroad.

~ Fred.

The next generation of gaming was represented at the event by Gabriel (see below). We had a visit from Gabriel and his father Patrick back in March of 2016. Patrick is a captain in the French Foreign Legion, serving in New Caledonia.

Gabriel & Patrick 2016

While visiting New Zealand on holiday with his family, Patrick took the opportunity to stop in and meet the Battlefront studio staff, as well as bringing us some souvenirs of the French forces of New Caledonia.

Paris fait son (Team) Yankee

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