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4th Edition 4th Edition Launch Weekend Competition Winners

It wouldn’t be a launch weekend without a few competitions! We gave you several easy ways to have a chance to win some free Flames Of War swag,

1. For a chance to win our biggest prize, all you had to do was leave a comment on one of our YouTube videos over the weekend. We pasted all of the comments into a giant spreadsheet, then used a random number generator to choose one entirely at random.

The winning comment came from our interview with miniature designer Tim Adcock. Although it verges on blasphemy, we’re sure Tim will appreciate the sentiment!

4th Edition Launch Weekend Competition Winners
The lucky winner is Paul Beccas, who will receive a two-player starter set with a pair of army deals – Monty's Desert Rats and Rommel's Afrika Korps, along with both army books, Desert Rats and Afrika Korps.

2. In our second competition, we asked you to watch the first part of our Battle Report video and guess how the game would end up. There were a lot of fantastic answers, all of which were a joy to read – not necessarily because they were all especially accurate, but because almost every single one seemed to demonstrate that people were paying close attention to the game. Videos like Boot Camp take a lot of time to shoot and edit, so it’s gratifying to know that people are getting something out of watching them.

Because we liked so many of the comments, we ended up choosing this one by random selection, too.

4th Edition Launch Weekend Competition Winners
The winner is James MacCraggs, who will win either a Monty’s Desert Rats or Rommel’s Afrika Korps army deal, along with the accompanying army book.

3. For dropping us a line on Twitter, Graeme Marchant (@beeff86) will receive his choice of one of the new plastic tank boxes from the Mid War range.


4th Edition Launch Weekend Competition Winners

4. We randomly selected a comment from the Launch Weekend live blog on the Beasts of War site.

4th Edition Launch Weekend Competition Winners
The winner of this prize is Stuart Kirbell (aka ‘redvers’), who will also receive his choice of the new plastic tank boxes.

5. And finally, on Facebook we asked you to tell us which of our plastic tanks you are most looking forward to.

4th Edition Launch Weekend Competition Winners

Our random winner is Mike Major, who will be receiving a Grant Armoured Troop box.

We’ll be in touch with all the winners to confirm their details

Congratulations to all our winners, and thanks to everyone who participated.

Last Updated On Wednesday, March 15, 2017 by Blake at Battlefront