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A Newbies Guide To British in 4th Edition Flames Of War: Part Three Tally Ho!
with Matt Sulley

I’m Matt and along with Jonathan, we are the Brits! Over the next few articles, we will be taking you through how we got on with assembling and painting our new British armoured forces for the desert.

We will be focusing on the first set of releases in this article, featuring the British Grant and Crusader tanks as our core choices.

After a great deal of discussion, we decided to start the new project with a brew-up. Whilst making tea, Jonathan dived straight in with the Grants, leaving a horde of Crusader tanks for me to play with. Huzzah! As I have a Cruiser force from Verison Three, I had already decided it was time for the full upgrade to new plastics.

Now, I’m an old hand when it comes to Flames Of War, having played ever since the first time we explored North Africa with Version One fifteen years ago. And while I have collected many, many (too many? – no such thing!), many armies, the good old Tommy is still perhaps my favourite.

Tally Ho!

Mid War is where it all began for me and going back to this theatre of war once again, but this time with a whole new range of plastics, is really exciting.

For me, the Crusader is a great choice: a cracking piece of kit to put together and paint. And even better, at just 5 points for a Troop of three, I can have a large army (as opposed to Jonathan’s smaller Grant force). For the first 60 points, I’ve gone for maximum numbers and have amassed an army of 16 Crusaders.

Tally Ho!

As the tanks use similar techniques in painting, I’ll let Jonathan describe the process rather than repeat it here (although I added aerials made from hard bristles of an old floor brush, plus the decals that come in the box to define my different squadrons so they didn’t get mixed up in the game).

Well, tea’s all gone and the pipe’s gone out. Time to hunt more Jerries!

~ Matt.

Tally Ho!

Last Updated On Friday, March 10, 2017 by James at Battlefront