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Painting The Panzer IV Company Painting The Panzer IV Company
with Anders Johansson

Step 1. I started off with a basecoat of DAK Sand using the new spray can coming out part of the 4th Edition Mid-war range. 

Step 2. Following the painting guide from the new Afrika Korps book, I gave each tank a wash with Bradley Shade (a quite brownish shade).
Painting The Panzer IV Company
Step 3. Next, I apply a drybrush with DAK Sand, followed by drybrush of Dry Dust. This was all non-detail work and quite quick and easy to apply.

Step 4. So far I haven't touched the tracks yet; painting tracks isn't the funniest thing to do. So I decided to on a much simpler way rather than following the painting guide. I just applied Dark Gunmetal, skipping the Motherland Earth base colour on the tracks. Then I gave them a wash with Bradley Shade. This still gives you enough effect on 15mm tanks to look decent on the table top in my experience. For the road wheels that all have black rubber lining, I choose to wash them in a Black Wash to give the area an darker effect instead of painstakingly painting each wheel.
Painting The Panzer IV Company
Step 5. I did some detail painting on tools and boxes, painted the visible commander's faces and uniforms using European Skin and Afrika Green followed again by a Bradley Wash.
Painting The Panzer IV Company
Step 6. The last step was to put the decals on, a part that always can be a bit fiddly. But decal softener always helps here. Then I applied some mat varnish on the decals. I didn’t varnish the whole tank since I just don’t find it as necessary for plastic kits compared to the resin and more so on metal kits. All in all, I think the whole process including building the tanks took about nine to ten hours.

~ Anders.
Painting The Panzer IV Company

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